Colégio Caetano started its activities in 2007, at the initiative of entrepreneur Rômulo Caetano and its mission is to promote the training of socially responsible people, through an education of excellence that aims at intellectual, humanistic growth and prepares students for the best universities in the world. parents.

We are a family owned and operated business.

The methodology is argumentative, creative, articulates theory and practice, so that the knowledge is contextualized, the student is innovative, persistent and committed to the construction of an ethical and citizen identity.


For this, professors recognized as competent, are in the process of continuous training with the objective of developing the cognitive, social, spiritual, cultural, sports and affective dimensions in students.

Because it understands the educational process not only as a set of knowledge, and taking into account the affections and emotions that permeate all actions, Colégio Caetano offers classes in Music, Theater, Human Education, Ethics, Citizenship and Sexuality, which provides the student to develop the ability to respect himself and the other.

Teaching is enriched with extracurricular activities, Gincana Caetano, Cultural Exhibition, Field Research, Technical Visits, Pajama Project, Festa Junina, Sports Olympics, Scientific and Humanistic Minicongress, Literary Exhibition, Cultural festival and much more.